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Achieving Success

As your government affairs specialists we will give you the personalized attention you deserve.  Unlike big government relations firms with dozens of clients, Solari Government Solutions is sized to allow us to work closely with you, understand your organization's needs, and determine what strategies will best serve your interests.  Your organization will not be competing with 50 or 100 other clients for our time and attention.

Having success with policy makers does not mean you have to spend a lot of money or engage them on a daily basis.  I can work within your organization's budget to:

  • Engage policy makers at any level of government

  • Help you build your grassroots support

  • Train your staff and members to be effective advocates

  • Communicate effectively with key target audiences

  • Build your organizations capacity to engage in the policy arena

  • Get legislation drafted and passed

  • Represent you before regulatory agencies or the Executive Branch

I am sometimes asked if a lobbyist needs to be a lawyer.  The answer to that question depends on how your organization approaches its goals.  If your goals are met by drafting and passing a lot of legislation, then maybe a lobbyist who is also an attorney with experience drafting legislation is for you.


However, most organizations only infrequently draft legislation or need legal interpretation.  In that case, it is better to save the hourly fee lawyers charge for that expertise and hire an attorney to draft legislation if you need it.  Solari Government Solutions has reciprocal agreements with attorneys that can cover you in the event you need legal or drafting expertise.  We are also able to craft legislation for you and work with the professional staff at the General Assembly to put it in proper form.   

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