When Experience and Relationships Count!

Today's political environment is as dynamic as anything you will find in the private sector.  Partisanship, ideological rancor, and high turnover rates among elected officials have impacted the North Carolina General Assembly and policy makers at all levels.  The image that many people have of how government or the legislative process works -- images often formed  in school -- no longer hold true.  Today, legislative politics is increasingly dominated by leadership and legislators are sometimes out of touch with or are more partisan than the people they are supposed to represent. 

To be successful in this policy environment you need a government affairs specialist who has a firm hold on the realities of how government operates today.  One can only be successful in the legislative and policy arena's with a clear-eyed understanding of how they actually as opposed to how they are said to work. Much of what happens revolves around relationships and your representative needs great working relationships with liberals and conservatives, democrats and republicans alike.

I have extensive grassroots organizing experience, working with citizens and organizations in over 80 of our state's 100 counties.  I have managed Congressional campaigns and I have conducted advocacy training, collaboration, and other workshops for organizations in over a dozen states.

Prior to starting Solari Government Solutions I served as Director of Government Relations and Liaison to the General Assembly for State Treasurer Janet Cowell.  I have also served as Director of Government Relations and as lobbyist for our State's Smart Start Program and was Executive Director of the Wynona's House Child Advocacy Center. 


I have taught in the public school system,  and am also a "Teaching Assistant Professor" of Political Science at N.C. State University.  

As "Teaching Assistant Professor" at N.C. State University I offer students a variety of courses, including Legislative Policy and Process, Public Policy, American Political Thought, Introduction to American Government, Introduction to Political Philosophy, and Contemporary Ideologies.  I am also Director of the Legislative Internship Program.