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It's Not Politics as Usual Any More

Navigating Today's Political Arena Takes Knowledge and Experience

Both nationally and in North Carolina, government is not what it used to be. As citizens, we ask more of government than we have in the past.  Our economic and political systems are more intertwined than ever before and many organizational leaders do not appreciate just how much of an impact politics and policy can have on their businesses, associations, and professions.  This impact can help or harm your business or association.  It is important, therefore to have representation that can watch out for your interests:  preventing the negative and working to bring about the positive.   

To be successful in this policy environment you need government affairs specialists who have a firm understanding of how government operates today and great working relationships with policy makers of all persuasions. I have been actively representing clients at the NC General Assembly for over 24 years.  My understanding of the legislative process and my relationships with both leadership and rank and file members allow me to help organizations navigate this arena and get the policy results they need to help them achieve their goals.


About Tony Solari

As a political scientist, I understand the national and state dynamics that drive policy making at all levels of government. I have worked with General Assembly members as both a lobbyist and a State Agency Liaison. My professional study of this institution and my extensive experience within its halls means that I know both how to drive the car and what is going on "under the hood."​

I hold a Ph.D. in political science with specializations in legislative policy making, the political process and public policy development.

I obtained my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Rutgers University and both my Master's degree and Ph.D. from Duke University. I have focused both my academic and professional life working to understand American government and politics, public policy formation and legislative processes and politics.

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